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Our Mission is to Eradicate Childhood Drowning

“My kids would be alive today if they had a pool fence.” After Paul DeMello lost both of his twin boys, Joshua and Christian, in a backyard swimming pool, he was devastated, and that pain drove him to learn how these tragedies could be avoided. What he learned was staggering: drowning is the number one cause of death for children between one and four years old, it happens to great parents in excellent homes, and a Life Saver Pool Fence would have saved his children and the vast majority of the other children lost in backyard pools. That is why he, and many other affected families, partnered with Life Saver Pool Fence to help stop this from happening to others while also making backyards less stressful for parents. “These Life Saver Pool Fences are saving lives.”

The Pool Fence With The 100-Year Warranty

Proven to Save Lives. Every Day. Over 30 Years and Counting.

More and more, mesh pool fence is being recognized as the premium layer of protection against toddler drowning by experts and lawmakers — surpassing nets, alarms, and covers in terms of safety AND convenience. Life Saver Pool Fence is recommended and approved by local and national governments around the world. From critically reinforced Solid Poles to the use of the strongest mesh available, you can now get a superior pool safety fencing and an equally-strong 100-year warranty. Your children deserve the strongest, safest swimming pool fence in production. Life Saver Pool Fence’s child pool safety fence will stand up to both the toughest conditions and the test of time. The safety of your family leaves no room for compromise. You wouldn’t buy a car without seatbelts. And you shouldn’t own a pool without a fence.

“Life Saver Pool Fence is the number one pool fence company in the world and uses only the strongest and most durable materials. They also donate free pool fences to the families of drowning victims.”
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Benefits of Installing A Mesh Pool Fence

Unique Features and Quality Construction

There are a variety of swimming pool fences available. However, there isn’t anything more superior than a removable pool fence made with mesh material. Our mesh pool fences are made with the strongest, highest quality quad-stitched mesh you can find.

  • 12-12 high mil nylon mesh (transparent, wrinkle free)
  • Four stitched border with tight basket weave (no unraveling, ever)
  • Marine grade, marine stitched
  • Worry-free use

A mesh pool fence will ensure that your pool fencing is durable and able to withstand wear and tear, inclement weather conditions, and more importantly, the weight of a toddler, or young child.

Our removable pool fence products are made of mesh, which acts as a blockade between an unsupervised child and your pool.

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Mesh And Border

The heart of a pool fence is its mesh.

Patented Solid 105 Pole

High Wind Performance Pole.

Self-Closing Gate

Excellent design and construction.

Snap Safety Latch

Safest latching system anywhere.

Baby climbing aluminum fence and opening latch

Aluminum fences can be bypassed.

mesh pool fence

High strength nylon mesh is climb-resistant.

Aluminum Fence
vs Mesh Pool Fence

Why Pool Safety Fences Are Needed in Tampa, FL

Living in Tampa, Florida, means enjoying sunny days and warm weather throughout the year. For many of us, this also means having a swimming pool in our backyard to help beat the heat. However, along with the fun and relaxation of a pool comes a serious responsibility — especially if you have young children: Parents must protect their little ones from drowning in the family pool.

The state of Florida has approximately 1,590,000 residential swimming pools, providing its residents with their own private oases to cool down. As of 2023, Tampa’s population was approximately 403,364 residents, and there are 183,457 houses in the city. All those pools and people are many reasons to have a Life Saver Pool Fence installed around your backyard pool.

You need to know where your children are. Unfortunately, in 2023, in Tampa, 2 out of 3 young children who drowned were last seen in the house, and 69% of all drownings occurred during non-swim times. Also, between 2014 and 2023, 97 children have drowned to death in the Tampa Bay area. And, in 2022, Hillsborough County, Florida, had 33 drowning deaths (at a rate of 2.1/100,000 people).

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Here are some more startling statistics:

  • As of 2023, Florida has the highest drowning death rate for children in the nation, according to the Florida Department of Health.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2020, the state of Florida ranked 5th in the U.S. for unintentional drowning deaths, with an age-adjusted rate of 2.2 per 100,000 population.

Also, in the U.S., an average of 379 children under the age of 15 die from pool- or spa-related drowning. Of the 379, 75% were under children 5 years old. And, out of the entire U.S., Florida has the most child drownings.

This is all proof that it is necessary to have a pool safety fence. Choosing to install a Life Saver Pool Fence is choosing safety and peace of mind over uncertainty and danger.

To speak with a child pool fence expert today, call (813) 433-0077 or request an estimate. We provide same-day virtual estimates and next day installations.

Residential Pool Barrier Requirements in Tampa

Tampa Florida and the State of Florida follow the same pool safety requirements: Florida’s statute Chapter 515, Section 29. One of the layers of protection mandated by the law is a 48 inch tall pool safety fence that isolates the home from the pool.

By following these guidelines above, pool owners in Tampa can have their fun in the sun, and they will have a little peace of mind knowing they have all the safety features in place to help keep their young children safer near pools.

Areas We Serve

Life Saver Pool Fence of Tampa provides residents with quality mesh pool fence installations across the greater Tampa area. We are especially convenient to all areas of Hillsborough County, including Wesley Chapel, Fish Hawk, Apollo Beach, Westchase and Davis Island. In addition to installing mesh safety fencing on traditional outdoor pools, we regularly install safety fencing around pools with pool screens, screen enclosures, pool cages, and along seawalls. Life Saver Pool Fence is also used as a pet fence and even pickleball fencing for both indoor and outdoor courts.

About Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida, is a lively city located on the west coast of Florida. This city offers a mix of history, culture, and adventurous outdoor activities. Tampa is also home to some wonderful places to visit. These landmarks and locations include Davis Islands Beach, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Indoor Skydiving at iFLY Tampa, and the Tampa Bay History Center.

Beyond its urban appeal, Tampa is surrounded by natural beauty, offering peaceful parks and beaches. And there are so many natural bodies of water in and around the city of Tampa, such as Tampa Bay, Old Tampa Bay, McKay Bay, and the Hillsborough River. With the enjoyment of these natural amenities comes the need for water safety awareness, especially for young children. With all its pools, waterways, and beaches, Florida (Tampa included) has one of the highest rates of unintentional drownings in the U.S. As of June 2023, in Florida, 80-100 children (under the age of 5) die from drowning every year, as compared to Hawaii, where there are only 15 drownings annually (2019-2021). Whether it’s in your backyard swimming pool or at the beach, Tampa is a place where having fun and being safe must go hand in hand by installing a Life Saver Pool Fence around your pool or a mesh seawall fence along oceanfront property.

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