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Make Your Pool Safer.

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If you live in Hillsborough County, FL, with a home swimming pool, one of the first and most important things you have to do to have peace of mind as a parent or grandparent is to make sure your pool is completely blocked off from your home at all access points. In Florida, over 25% of homes have a pool [source]. And, Hillsborough County (including Tampa), FL, has the third-highest number of homes with a pool in the whole U.S. [source]. A significant number of homes are also on oceanfront and waterfront property in our county.

What can you do? If you have little ones and a pool on your property, then you should  install a pool safety fence. It will protect your family 24/7.  If you have a screened in pool, which is very common in Hillsborough, then only a pool fence barrier will keep loved ones from accessing the pool. If you live along the coastline in Hillsborough, then installing a mesh seawall fence is another layer of protection to ensure children and pets do not access bodies of water. In all cases, only one mesh safety fence system will protect your family the best—the Life Saver Pool Fence.

Protect Your Children with a Pool Fence Now

While a backyard swimming pool offers endless fun in the sun, it comes with risks. Even when parents are home and watching their children play in the backyard — if they get distracted by something for even just a minute or two, that is ample time for a youngster to wander over to the pool and potentially fall in.

Even though, as parents and caregivers, you do all you can to ensure your child’s safety, if your swimming pool or waterfront property has no fence or barrier, then the time to remedy that issue is today. A mesh safety fence — from Life Saver Pool Fence of Tampa — is the only physical barrier of protection that can keep young ones on solid ground with no access to your pool or a nearby body of water.

When our fence fully surrounds your pool, with its self-latching, self-closing gate system, your pool fence will greatly reduce access to the pool when all the other layers of protection, such as adult supervision, fail. The safety of your family leaves no room for compromise. Install all of the layers of protection, including a safety pool fence.

The 7 Layers of Protection is The Answer for Families in Hillsborough County, FL

Be A Life Saver

The biggest drowning threat facing families with toddlers is unexpected, unsupervised access to water: swimming pools; hot tubs and spas; bathtubs; and natural bodies of water, like ponds, lakes, rivers and oceans.

The following seven layers of protection, to prevent the unthinkable, must be in place:

  1. Install a pool lock or alarm;
  2. Enroll your child in swim survival lessons;
  3. Supervise your child when near the pool area;
  4. Check the pool first if you can’t find your children;
  5. Ensure that you and your children’s caretakers know CPR;
  6. Educate your family about pool safety; and
  7. Install a sturdy mesh pool safety fence around the pool.

Nothing is 100% guaranteed in life, but, at least, you can do everything possible to prevent a devastating tragedy from befalling your family. Never compromise the safety of your family. Install a Life Saver Pool Fence around your Hillsborough County pool.

Drowning Statistics Every Parent Should Understand

If you have young children (ages 1-4) — whether they know how to swim or not — you need a sturdy mesh fence around your pool. It cannot just be any old fence; our Life Saver Pool Fence is exactly what you need to keep everyone safer. You may think you’ll be able to keep your eyes on your child at all times, but life happens, and you will, somehow, get distracted by something, and that one, two, or three minutes could prove fatal for your children. The statistics are quite mind-boggling:

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drowning is the No. 1 cause of child deaths between the ages of 1 to 4, in the United States [source]. Most of these drownings occur in home swimming pools.
  • Approximately 40% of drownings occur with children ages 5 to 14 in natural water, and about 30% happen in swimming pools. Children of ages 1 to 4 die from drowning more than any other cause of death.
  • 69% of all drownings among children ages 4 and younger happen during non-swim times.
  • 77% of the victims had been missing from eyesight for five minutes or less.

Here at Life Saver Pool Fence in Hillsborough County, FL, we are dedicated to preventing as many drownings as possible in our area — one pool at a time — until every pool and every child is protected.

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How Important Is Pool Safety in Florida?

  • The state of Florida is warm year-round and has the highest number of households with a pool — 1,590,000 — so, the number of drownings is quite high, as well [source]. Since the state’s drowning statistics are notably higher than other states — even states of similar size — Florida has a law that requires all pools built after 2000 to have a pool barrier, but there are specifications for them [source].
  • From 2018 to 2020, Florida ranked the highest in the U.S. for drowning deaths in children from ages 1 to 4 [source]. Also, the state had the highest drowning death rate of 3.19 per 100,000 people in children from newborns to 9 years old [source]. Moreover, Florida has the highest total number of drowning deaths of any state [source], with an average of 3,733 drownings per year.
  • The best way to reduce accidental drownings is by installing our Life Saver Pool Fence, which was designed solely for pool safety [source].

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Lifesaver Poolfence Tampa Cutout

Why Should You Install a Life Saver Pool Fence?

The Life Saver Pool Fence is very unique in its design. Experts and lawmakers say that mesh pool fences, like ours, are the best protection for children from drowning. Local and national governments around the world recommend the Life Saver Pool Fence. It has critically reinforced solid aircraft-grade aluminum poles, plus it has a self-closing, self-latching gate that ensures the gate stays closed at all times.

Most importantly, our Life Saver Pool Fence was built with safety being its sole purpose. It is not a metal fence or a chain link fence — neither of those can stop a curious youngster from getting to the pool. Our pool fence is made with a climb-resistant, strong mesh and is incredibly transparent, so you have a full line of sight to your pool. The tension keeps the fence tight and makes it virtually impossible for a child of 5 years old or younger to move the poles or climb up the mesh sides. Life Saver Pool Fence mesh is so strong it can withstand 387 pounds of pressure per square inch, and each pole can withstand 105 pounds of horizontal pressure at 36 inches above the ground. Our fence is not just any pool fence. It’s a pool safety fence made specifically to keep children and pets out of the pool and on solid ground.

Life Saver Pool Fence Details

  • QuadStitch™ 4 stitched reinforced vinyl borders
  • Patented, triple-reinforced solid core pole – the strongest in the industry
  • Powder-coated aerospace-grade aluminum poles
  • Climb-Resistant Textilene® high mil mesh with a tensile strength rating of over 387 pounds per square inch
  • Stable tension-based supports in multiple height options and color selections, including a nearly transparent black mesh
  • Self-latching and self-closing gate options
  • Countersunk fasteners and rounded edges for safety
  • Removable, easy-to-store pool fence sections
  • 100-Year Warranty
  • UV-Resistant components
  • A trained local pool fence installer in your area
  • Compatible with all types of pools
  • A variety of accessories are available

Plus, in the 15 countries where our Life Saver Pool Fences are sold, it is covered by our 100-year warranty. Life Saver has also been voted the Best Pool Fencing by parents.

Pool Gates in Hillsborough County, FL

Every pool fence in Hillsborough County, FL needs a pool gate to prevent children from going into the pool area. Life Saver has both square gate and arched gate models, both with the same safety features. Our gates are made with the same strong mesh as the rest of the fence. The metal poles on the gate’s sides are the same strong aircraft-grade poles, and the hinges are specially shaped to help prevent climbing. Also, you can even use a key to lock the gate closed (latched) when no one’s outside or if it’s winter.

Most importantly, our self-closing and self-latching gate uses only the most-proven latch and hinge system. Its MAGNA-LATCH system has won international awards for its design excellence in meeting strict international safety codes, especially those concerning pool safety gates. The gate will not just look like it’s closed, but the magnet in the MAGNA-LATCH will pull the gate closed — every time — and it has been tested more than 400,000 times.

Life Saver Pool Fence Gate w fountain - Hillsborough County
Dog w shirt pet fence

Mesh Pet Fence in Hillsborough County, FL

With no safety barriers, veterinarians say that about 5,000 family pets drown in home pools each year [source]. Since our pets are a beloved part of our family, and we want them to be safe, you must have a pool fence.

If your dog loves swimming, or you have one that is learning, our Life Saver Pool Fence is the one to get. As with children, your pooch will not be able to climb its mesh walls and won’t be able to open the fence’s gate latch, either. Both our fence and gate will reduce the risk of your pet falling into the pool. You can also use a Life Saver Pool Fence in other ways (not just pools) for your pets. You can provide your pooch with a safe space to run around in by fencing off a section of your backyard (the fence may need to be higher than four feet). You can also use our pool fence to contain your pet in an area of your home.

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About Hillsborough County, FL

Hillsborough County, which contains the city of Tampa, in west-central Florida, has a population (as of the 2020 census) of about 1.5 million people, making it the fourth-most populous county in the state and the most populous county outside Miami. It was created in January 1834 and covers a total of 1,266 square miles.

As of 2021, Hillsborough County, FL, is estimated to have about 600,000 households [source]. And, as of the early 2000s, over 70,000 of those homes have a pool [source]. And, with Tampa Bay beaches nearby, the coastal city has more than pools to protect, because there are also docks, oceanfront properties, and other waterways, too. The county is home to not only an abundance of bodies of water but is also surrounded by water.

Some of those bodies of water are:

  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Tampa Bay
  • Old Tampa Bay
  • Hillsborough Bay
  • McKay Bay
  • Tampa Bypass Canal
  • Lake Thonotosassa
  • Lake Magdalene
  • Lake George
  • Lake Carroll
  • Lake Keystone
  • Alafia River
  • Plus, so many numerous other lakes, creeks, ponds, rivers, and reservoirs.

And almost all of them have a beach area, at which parents will need to pay very close attention to their little ones.

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